Hybrid e-shop Dmpshop - pricelist

Modern customized e-shop without high input costs

Share the costs of developing an e-shop platform with dozens of other clients and focus on custom development where it makes sense.
Free consultation
One-time price
Customization, connection to the ERP system, start-up
We start at
6 000 EUR
Monthly fee
quality hosting, administration and maintenance, licenses
We start at
480 EUR
reliable hosting
regular maintenance
own Account Manager
speed, reliability, stability

Focus on UX verified by real data

We continuously increase the conversion rate on final projects using heatmaps, video recordings of real customer behavior, conversion funnels and A/B tests.

Speed and mobile friendly

The big advantage of our solution over the competition is the speed, which has a major impact on the conversion rate. This is enhanced by the fact that more than 50% of visitors come and buy from mobile.

Hundreds of ready-made modules, you don't pay for development

Don't pay hundreds of thousands for custom development for functionalities like a new cookie bar. Spend your time and money on the specifics of your business and concentrate on added value.

Extensive marketing support

Use the potential of your e-shop and increase your turnover with smart solutions. Offer associated products, bigger packages. Attract attention with stray banners, top products, countdown offers or loyalty programs.

Extensive B2B support

Offer your B2B partners an environment that fundamentally facilitates frequent and large purchases. Repeat orders, bulk product addition, quick purchase directly from the listing and support for adding a large number of product variants will help your partners to purchase.
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