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When you visit our website (the ''Website''), we use cookies to make it more convenient for you and to collect information about your visits to the Website in order to improve it.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. They are widely used to make websites work or function more efficiently. The website remembers what actions you have taken and when you visit the site again, your browser sends cookies back to the site. In this way, we can recognise your device and thus tailor the website to your preferences. In other cases, cookies are used to customize the content displayed on the website for a better user experience (e.g. your preferred language, font size and other preferences and information about your activity).

Types of cookies

  • Temporary cookies - are only stored on your device during the browser session and are deleted as soon as you close the browser.
  • Persistent cookies- remain on your device after you close your browser, for varying lengths of time; it is these cookies that allow your device to be recognised when you revisit the website.
  • First party cookies - cookies that are placed on your device by websites.
  • Third party cookies - cookies that are placed on your device by our social media, advertising and analytics partners.

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies make using the website much more user-friendly. They also allow us to monitor and evaluate the way you use the website and thus improve the quality and content of the website, as well as to better target our advertising campaigns to offer you what you are interested in.

We use both our own cookies and third-party cookies for these purposes. Through the website, cookies may be placed on your device by the operators of the marketing tools we use. Alternatively, we may share information with these operators that has been provided through the use of cookies. The use of these tools allows us to continuously improve our services and also to better take into account your personal preferences and target advertising campaigns to reach those who might be most interested in our services.

The cookies used by third parties and the use of the data obtained through them are governed by the privacy policies of the respective third parties. These third parties may combine the information they have obtained through cookies with other information you provide to them or that they have obtained as a result of your use of their services.

Specifically, we use the following cookies:

Statistical cookies (1)
Statistical cookies help website owners to understand how visitors use the website so that they can further improve it. They collect and communicate information anonymously.
Name Provider Purpose Expiry Type
"ab09"   7 dní HTTP

Consent to the use of cookies

When you visit the website, you will see a notification bar informing you that the website uses cookies. By using the site you agree to the storage of cookies. You can disable the storage of cookies on your device at any time. You can do this in your browser settings, where you can also delete cookies already stored.

How do I disable the storage of cookies on my device?

You can change your cookie storage preferences at any time. You can set your web browser to disable or block the storage of cookies on your device, including third-party cookies. It is also possible to block or allow the storage of cookies only for certain websites. You can then delete cookies that are already stored on your device at any time. If you completely disable the storage of cookies, including essential cookies, the website may not work properly and its functionality may be limited.

The specific procedure for the most used web browsers can be found here:

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